Division Zero is a cybersecurity provider, locally owned and proudly based in New Zealand.

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Division Zero is an independent small business. We are not affiliated to any vendors and we don't sell products. Our objective is to provide you with meaningful insight about the current and/or future state of your ogranizations security. We bring the trusted methodologies, approaches, and standards of care that are expected by corporate clients – but pass on the cost savings achieved by a small business.

Competitive Rates

We've adopted a business model that eliminated several costs that contribute to the rising global cost of specialist consulting services. Through these cost saving measures, we maintain some of the most competitive consultancy rates in the industry. Our standard daily rate is currently $1200, last time we checked thats about 40% lower than average.


The company was started by Chris in 2018. He has been an information security consultant since 2004 and currently heads up the delivery of our services. Chris has an established track record providing holistic cybersecurity services to customers in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the United Kindgom.

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